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Personal Contract Plan (PCP)
Personal Contract Plan or PCP is quickly becoming the most popular way to finance new cars in Ireland.

PCP is a flexible car finance option, you put down a 10-30% deposit, which can be made up of a trade in or cash, you have an optional final payment at the end with 35 agreed monthly instalments paid by you.

At the end of your agreement you have 3 options

1. Upgrade to a Newer Car
Upgrading to a newer car is quite simple. We value your car when you return it to us after 3 years. The Value of the Car at that time minus the Optional Final Payment equals your deposit contribution to your next PCP agreement on the new car.
2. Keep the Car
In this option, you decide to keep the vehicle, which means the Optional Final Payment is due. This can be paid in one sum or refinanced with our Business Manager here over 2 or 3 years (refinancing subject to lending criteria).
3. Hand back the car and make no further payments.

For further details on how PCP works and if it is suited to you please contact us.
About Finance
Hire Purchase
With the Hire Purchase option you can spread the cost of the loan over a time period that suits you.

You set down the deposit, it can be made up of a trade in or cash deposit and the remainder of the loan is paid back over a set term of 2 to 5 years depending on your requirements.

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